On-line reports, tools to solve problems

When understanding the failure of your motor is a priority, ask us for a detailed failure report.  During disassembly, our technicians will pay particular attention to determining why your motor failed, not just where.  If necessary or upon request, we'll engage bearing manufacturers or other experts in material failure analysis to do additional investigation.  This information will be compiled into a report detailing primary and secondary causes of failure, and any conclusions we can draw based on the evidence in the motor.

Our service reports detail the scope of work performed to each motor, along with final test results including vibration levels, electrical test values, and mechanical assembly checks.  This information is very useful when troubleshooting further problems with the machine, or simply for record keeping.

Failure and service reports are available in PDF format via links we provide to controlled access pages on our website. 

For motor manufacturers, machine builders, or higher volume customers we offer on-line access to review the status of all their jobs (updated every hour), as well as links to all completed reports.

Example Reports

On-line Service Reports and Failure Reports, Tools to Solve Problems

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