Our Process / Small Capacity Rebuild Program

Small Capacity Rebuild Program

We offer complete rebuilding services for Mitsubishi small capacity, medium inertia servomotors for use with the MR-J2 and MR-J2S servo controllers.

What you get:

Mitsubishi Small Capacity Rebuild ProgramYour motor, completely refurbished and fully tested with new bearings, new cables, and a new encoder - every time.

What we do:

  • Test the motor to verify it is faulty.
  • Clean and inspect each component.
  • Perform high and low voltage diagnostic tests of the motor winding and Ke test of rotor magnets.
  • Replace or re-machine worn bearing housings.
  • Dynamically balance the rotor as required.
  • Replace the encoder, bearings, connecting cables, and shaft seal.
  • Replace any damaged or worn fail safe brake, or encoder cover.
  • Reassemble the motor, and adjust and program the encoder.
  • Run-in the motor with a Mitsubishi MR-J2S servo controller to check for excessive noise, temperature, and vibration.
  • Verify proper encoder operation, including absolute functionality.
  • Test holding torque, pull-in voltage, current draw, coil resistance and ground wall insulation of the fail-safe brake.

What it costs:

Please note: There is a test fee of $150 if the motor turns out to be in working order and no further service is required.

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The following may result in the motor being declared "not repairable," or requiring additional cost subject to the customer's approval:

  • Failed stator winding
  • Failed magnet rotor
  • Severely damaged output shaft
  • Special versions with non-standard cables or encoders

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