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Exchange: Non inventory. Please call or email for repair options.

Endeavor Technologies offers repair service to Mitsubishi GM-SB/0.4-KW gearmotors.  If the gear reducer is damaged we recommend replacing the complete gearmotor.  Mitsubishi AC induction gearmotors are not sold through distribution channels in the U.S.A.  If your GM-SB/0.4-KW gearmotor has failed, and you require an immediate replacement please contact your OEM or machine distributor.  Endeavor Technologies will request pricing and delivery of replacement gearmotors from Mitsubishi Japan upon request.  Very often the original units have been superceded with newer designs requiring some dimensional modification.  Delivery times for replacements are usually several months.  

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"The personnel at Endeavor Technologies, Inc. know more about servicing Mitsubishi motion control motor products than any other rebuilding company." Mitsubishi Electric Automation

The best of everything -- fully tested to the factory standard. 

No one offers better service and support for Mitsubishi spindle and servomotors because no one else has made the same commitment to test equipment, training, and inventory. 

Our simulators incorporate a wide variety of Mitsubishi amplifiers and MELDAS CNCs, our personnel have been trained at the factory in Japan, and our ongoing relationship with Mitsubishi Electric Automation ensures that we have access to the latest technical data and specifications.

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We service nearly every Mitsubishi servomotor. Including those with type numbers beginning:

HA          HC          HD          HF           HP

We service all AC & DC  spindle motors.   Including those with type numbers beginning:

SDN       SE           SJ

Our capabilities are always expanding, so call or email us if you don't see your product listed.

Unlike your local repair shop, we have the equipment and training to correctly program the latest digital encoders.  Our inventory includes tens of thousands of dollars of new encoders, factory supplied bearings, fan motors, terminal blocks, and other parts allowing us to remanufacture your motor to new condition.

Our test procedures are the best and most thorough in the industry because we use Mitsubishi CNCs and servo/spindle amplifiers to run-in your rebuilt motor.  Many "repair" shops can't run servo motors at all, and can't run spindle motors at full speed. 

A motor rebuilt by ETI has been test run, closed loop with the encoder, to full speed.  Water cooled and / or oil-air lubricated motors are tested for extended periods of time with cooling and lubrication systems similar to those used on machine tools. Bearing temperatures and vibration levels are monitored and verified to be within factory specification before the motor is returned.