About Us

The strength of Endeavor Technologies Motor Rebuild & Remanufactured Motors lies within the expertise and vision of four men. 

Former co-workers who had in mind  a different way of doing business: No cutting corners, no nonsense.


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The principals Chuck, Scott, Jeff and Tom are not only highly qualified, but extremely quality-driven.  Their separate strengths combined create a dynamic and efficient team focused on the re-manufacture rebuild of spindle motors, servomotors and other special application electric motors.  These 4 hands-on guys have over 70 years experience working with motor manufacturers, machine manufacturers, and end-users troubleshooting and rebuilding specialized electric motors. Together with their team of dedicated machinists, mechanics, winders, and support personnel they can help make your team shine, and keep your equipment in top condition.

The work performed by Endeavor Technologies, Inc. consistently meets or exceeds factory specifications.  When they rebuild something, it keeps working, as demonstrated by a warranty rate a fraction of 1% and the extensive electric motor testing

Strict adherence to factory specifications, superior motor testing facilities and unparalleled factory support ensure the highest level of motor reliability. If  their assessment reveals that motor rebuilding is not your best option, you can depend on Endeavor to consult with you in finding a solution.

There's practically nothing that Endeavor Technologies can't rebuild.




 Service done right the first time!

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